Not that any of them were in any real danger of facing down cancellation, but it's always nice to breathe a sigh of relief when our favorite FOX shows secure renewals for an additional season.  Then again, only some were lucky enough for the honor, so where's my 'Fringe' renewal news, FOX?  We're dyin', here!

Before their May upfront presentations, FOX has given early renewals to Zooey Deschanel's quirky 'New Girl,' along with a third season for 'Raising Hope,' and a fourth season for the admittedly-troubled-yet-insanely-popular 'Glee,' according to Deadline.  Still on the bubble are 'Breaking In,' which barely survived last year's round of cancellations, and 'Fringe,' which rumors suggest could win a truncated season pick-up if the financials work out with Warner Bros.

Says Fox Entertainment president Kevin Reilly of the current renewals:

Over the past season, 'New Girl' has become the hottest new appointment series for young adults; 'Raising Hope' has established itself as one of the smartest and most unique offbeat comedies on television; and 'Glee' has continued its success as a genre-defying, global cultural phenomenon. All three of these comedies add a fresh and distinctive flavor to our Tuesday nights, and I’m really happy to bring them back to our air next season.”

In other equally unshocking news, 'I Hate My Teenage Daughter' is still likely cancelled (and still terrible).  Also uncertain is the fate of under-performing 'Bones' spin-off 'The Finder.'  So we can all look forward to a number of "lost and found" jokes when that news breaks.

What say you  Was there any doubt that FOX would bring back 'New Girl,' 'Raising Hope' or 'Glee?'  What bubble shows would you like to see renewed, or disappear?  Give us your scorecard in the comments!

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