We're going to be very sad pandas come January, when 'Fringe' finishes out its final season and (probably) puts to rest all the lingering mysteries that have capitivated us over the years. Now, with the gloom and doom of the last few weeks' episodes "The Bullet That Saved the World" and "An Origin Story" out of the way, we might just be getting back to our beloved 'Fringe' sci-fi weirdness! So while we wait for tonight's episode, do the latest clips reveal what's "Through the Looking Glass, And What Walter Found There"?

With Etta gone, Peter having implanted Observer tech in the base of his skull, and more stages of the plan to unlock, what will the 'Fringe' team uncover this week in "Through The Looking Glass and What Walter Found There"? We saw a heartbreaking clip of Peter and Olivia yesterday, but the latest look shows us that Walter is on a mission, having liberated the latest tape from his ambered lab.

There isn't much to see in the first clip (other than some delicious Red Vines), but it's the second where things start getting really interesting. Walter's hiding places for his mysterious plan grow ever more elaborate, so where might the team be led to next? Could we finally see the alternate universe again?

Check out these clips from tonight's "Through the Looking Glass, And What Walter Found There," and give us your wildest theories in the comments!