If parallel universes, shape-shifters, years in a mental institution or a lifetime of LSD aren't enough to kill Walter Bishop, you can bet that a little bit of sleeplessness isn't going to slow down 'Fringe' series star John Noble.  Earlier we'd heard that production had briefly halted on 'Fringe' season 5 so the actor could seek treatment for an apparent sleep disorder, but now reports are emerging that the actor is safely back to work.  But will his condition recur?

As eagerly as 'Fringe' fans anticipate the fifth and final season of the FOX cult sci-fi hit, they were equally dismayed and concerned to learn that series star John Noble needed to halt filming for treatment of an apparent sleeping disorder, following his rigorous schedule.  Now, Entertainment Weekly reports that the actor has in fact resumed filming, feeling much better, and causing no delay in the 'Fringe' production schedule.

Noble claims to have suffered from bouts of insomnia and a form of sleep apnea for years, but a busy summer of international travel, work, and the cast's final appearance at Comic-Con 2012 put his condition over the edge.

I couldn’t even think, mate. I was working and going: ‘This is really hard.’ People were so bloody supportive, it was really touching. I’m feeling more well rested now and sleeping better than I have in 20 years.

I basically hit a wall, and we had to deal with it.  I went to the hospital, had all the tests, and we put the strategies into place to deal with both of those issues, including the space-age mask that I wear to bed now.  It’s pretty unsightly.

While 'Fringe' shoots in Vancouver, Noble took 10 days off to recuperate in Los Angeles before returning to set to film the second episode.  His new sleep measures in place, the Australian  actor joked, “Walter probably would have just taken some LSD.  That really wasn’t an option for me."

'Fringe' season 5 kicks off its final 13-episode run on Friday, September 28 with the tongue-twisting, Observer fighting premiere "Transilience Thought Modifier Unit-11."

What say you?  Are you happy Noble is back to work on the final season of 'Fringe?'  Where (or when) do you think the series will take us in its final year?  Give us your theories in the comments!