For as many times as we try to see the climax in a different contest, or derive hope from last week's brutally tragic 'Fringe' episode "The Bullet That Saved the World," neither the characters nor the series will be the same in the wake of one character's untimely demise.  The event in question will almost certainly send the Fringe team down a dangerous path in their battle against the Observers, but none more so than Peter!  Just how far will Peter go for vengeance in this Friday's "An Origin Story?"  Check out the latest clips to find out!

This Friday's all-new 'Fringe' episode will see the team continuing their battle against the Observers, even after the tragic loss of their youngest teammate, and Olivia and Peter's own daughter Etta (Georgina Haig).  Neither parent takes the loss lightly of course, but perhaps worst of all would be Peter, whose desire for vengeance seems to come at the cost of the team's safety!

In the first clip, Peter and Olivia prepare to leave behind their apartment base of operation, while Walter finds a moving reminder, but it isn't until the second clip that things really heat up.  There, Etta's allies seem to have captured an Observer, and Peter devises a plot to use the Observer's technology against them at any cost!

Check out the new clips from tomorrow's all-new episode "An Origin Story," and give us your theories on 'Fringe's final season in the comments!