Sure, there are lots of series making their fall premieres this week, everything from 'New Girl' to 'Modern Family,' but how can we even pretend to be excited for those when 'Fringe' returns for its fifth and final season this very Friday? The Observer invasion is iminent as we count down the days to "Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11," but why wait when we've got three spoiler-y new clips to check out?

This Friday, September 28 will see the beginning of the end as 'Fringe' unveils its fall premiere, set in the desolate, Observer-run future of 2036. The hunt will be on for the recently-thawed original 'Fringe' team as they race to track down Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv), while keeping out from under the heels of the Observers and finding a way to rid the planet of them once and for all. So, what do these new clips reveal?

In the first, we acclimate to the future as Peter, Astrid, Etta and Walter go over what they know of both the future and the missing Olivia Dunham, while the second shows the strife within the team. It seems Peter left the team sometime in the past, while the Observers continued to make some startling modifications to the planet, but the search for Olivia must press on!

Finally, we see something of a futuristic black market, as the team tries to track down a human trafficking ring that might have answers, if Walter can stop flirting with a Japanese woman for a moment!

Check out the new 'Fringe' season 5 clips below courtesy of Fringe Latino, and tune in for the season premiere "Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11" this Friday night!