Series finales are always scary, and not solely for the notion that we'll never see some of our favorite shows deliver new episodes again.  As any good TV fan knows, finales tend to bring death out of the woodwork, making us especially terrified for the final season of 'Fringe!'  With only 13 episodes remaining and enough super-science to swing a reanimated cat at, very few of our favorite 'Fringe' characters can be safe.  So who has the biggest target on their backs?

Speaking to TVGuide, 'Fringe' executive producer J.H. Wyman made sure to remind viewers that no one would be safe during the show's final, Observer-dominated 13 episodes.  Based on a recent promo, we've postulated that Walter Bishop will certainly have his share of bloody run-ins, but what of those who have already died once or twice on the series?

There will be death in the final season.  Whenever there's a war, there are going to be casualties. I think they're going to be unexpected.

Could Joshua Jackson's Peter Bishop be on the chopping block, having been destined to die as a boy until Walter's timely intervention?  Might Walter finally pay the price for his super-science crimes?  What of Olivia, prophesied to die time and time again, despite what happened at the end of season 4?  And what of poor Astrid, seemingly always relegated to red shirt-dom?

We won't have to wait long for answers from the final season of 'Fringe,' which kicks off Friday, September 28 with "Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11."  Check out a creepy new promo of the Observers below, and tell us what you expect from the final season in the comments!