As much as we love a good viral campaign, aren't they best served attracting interest for things that don't have a fixed endpoint?  Whatever the case may be, the final season of 'Fringe' just can't get here soon enough.  Cue the latest in a line of viral promos from the Observers, our unquestioned masters of the world!  Should we follow their latest edict, or start to rebel, as something within the promo sparks us to do?

'Fringe' season 5 has released yet another Observer promo in preparation of its September 28 debut, with our favorite jolly Observer mouthpiece Captain Windmark delivering instructions.  Where as last time we had to be wary of getting cerebral scans, now we need to take great care not to leave our quadrants without proper travel protocol!  Because travel wasn't complicated enough in 2012, let alone 2036.

Throughout the video, we also see flashes of the rebel message coming through, including "resist," "end the oppression," and "take American Back."  So is there any real hope for our world, or are we destined to be under the stylish heels of our bald-headed overlords well into the future?  And what of the new photo that emerged this weekend from TVLine, featuring Peter Bishop, Astrid and Etta observing (heh) a hollowed out chunk of amber.  Might this be how the team finally recovers Olivia Dunham, or is hers a different story to tell?

Take a look at both the new promo and photo below, and give us your theories on 'Fringe' season 5 in the comments!

Fringe Season 5 Photo