Fans of 'Fringe' have long been used to the show's ultra-slick feel, everything from the sleek future technology seen throughout the series, to the dynamic offices of... well, Massive Dynamic.  Still, as the show moves into its fifth, and final season, things are going to get a lot bleaker and a whole lot more dirty as season premere "Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11" sees the team re-uniting in the future for their ragtag rebellion against their Observer overlords.  To that end, what does the ragged new 'Fringe' poster have the team looking like?

Somebody better get a clean-up crew, because we have a feeling The Observers aren't too keen on the city being graffitied with the faces of their greatest enemies.  Before the cult sci-fi series' final season premiere on September 26, we've got our first look at the official poster, courtesy of TVLine.  In it, we see the 'Fringe' team of Walter, Peter and Olivia grafiitied into the walls (along with a number of classic 'Fringe' symbols), with The Observers patrolling every which way!

It's all part of their plan to "fight for the future," which should be noted as a tagline distinct from 'Fringe's' spiritual predecessor 'The X-Files,' whose feature film tagline was "Fight the Future."  Either way, the team has their work cut out for them as they struggle to survive in the year 2036, and find a way to draw their oppressors off the planet.

Check out the brand-new poster below, and give us your theories on the final season in the comments!