All week we've been catching glimpses of the year 2036, by which we mean the first photos of 'Fringe's' upcoming final season, set to premiere on Friday, September 28.  But for as cool as the photos were, we couldn't help noticing that one particular 'Fringe' member was missing, the very same agent who'd been missing from the final season's introductory episode "Letters of Transit!"  So now that FOX has unleashed the full photo set, do we finally learn their fate?

The Observers may be coming, but we're more worried about the fate of Olivia Dunham than being under bald-headed rule! Though we know Anna Torv to be a part of 'Fringe' season 5, we couldn't' help noticing that recent photos noticeably excluded her from the rest of our 2036-displaced heroes.  Thankfully, that's no longer the case.  While the first photos from premiere episode "Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11" show the team canvassing the world of 2036, the final shot reveals that Olivia too was trapped in amber!

We gather from the photos that Olivia's body was chiseled out from Amber in a block at some point, and likely moved along the black market as the team struggles to catch up with their wayward member.  But was Olivia frozen at a different point than the rest of the 'Fringe' team?  Might she be older than her comrades, particularly Peter?

Check out the all-new photos below, and tell us your theories on the final season of 'Fringe' in the comments!