Something's gotta' give for Jason Momoa. After making quite the impression in the first season of 'Game of Thrones,' the talented actor seemed destined for stardom ... until that dreadful 'Conan the Barbarian' remake came along. Of course, the best way to brush off a failure like that is to take a hard turn in the opposite direction, and that's what Momoa appears to be doing with 'Kane,' a fighting drama in which he plans to star and direct.

The news comes out of the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival (via The Hollywood Reporter), where the film is being pitched to potential buyers. 'Kane' itself sounds like a very familiar movie (one that was made 20 times in the '80s, actually), but the thought of seeing an interesting guy like Momoa in charge of the whole thing definitely gives it some much needed freshness. According to THR, the film tells the story ...

...of an alcoholic former boxer, who turns to Detroit’s illegal fighting circuit to earn money to pay for his ex-wife’s medical treatment. Once in the lucrative underground fighting scene he must face old demons and defeat a merciless rival from his past if he is to save his family and reclaim his lost destiny.

In other words, 'Kane' sounds like the halfway point between 'Bloodsport' and 'Warrior.' But what attracted Momoa to the film? His official statement actually sells us a little more on this movie than the synopsis:

“I really wanted to make an action movie with heart and set it in Detroit. The city used to symbolize much of what was grand and noble about America but then lost it all to economic decline and urban decay. This parallels the story of Kane Malu, a man who is down but not yet out.  Kane is the story of a phoenix rising from the ashes.”

We find it hard to say no to any movie that uses physical combat as a metaphor for the American dream. In fact, we're suckers for movies about seemingly doomed heroes representing the seemingly doomed cities they inhabit. It's highly unlikely that 'Kane' will be the next 'Rocky,' but we can hope, right?

In the meantime, Momoa's directorial debut, 'Road to Paloma,' is expected to hit theaters sometime this year. He will also be seen in 'Wolves,' the feature debut of 'Game of Thrones' maestro David Hayer.