In some ways this was inevitable. Warner Bros, and frankly the whole nation, has been shaken by the horrible massacre that took place in Aurora, Colorado. In light of recent events, Warner Bros is compelled to change a Ruben Fleischer's latest picture 'Gangster Squad.'

The scene that is supposedly going to be thrown on the cutting room floor is one that's actually been seen in the first trailer. It involves a group of men shooting through the screen in a movie theater at those sitting in the theater seats. Since the movie is coming out roughly a month and a half from now, it's no surprise that Warner Bros wants to get rid of this particular piece as soon as possible in order to not offend those affected by the horrid massacre.

Reshoots are currently being scheduled for 'Gangster Squad,' says Variety. Don't be surprised if they manage to gather up the cast - including Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin and Sean Penn - by the end of the week, especially if Warner Bros wants to keep their September 7th release date. You have to admit that the movie is moving as swiftly as possible in regards to this tragedy. They swept all of their advertisements for 'The Dark Knight Rises' under the rug this past weekend and even cancelled a couple of international premieres for the film.

While some may claim that the studio may be overdoing it, we believe what they're doing is right. A movie theater is a sacred place to many, a way to escape and all they're doing is making sure that the sanctity of that specific experience is still kept intact despite what's happened this past weekend.