Looks like the 'Gangster Squad' marketing has recovered from the movie's delay and reshoots, as we're now being bombarded with looks at the film. Now there's five character posters that help show the look and feel of the fillm.

And it has to be said, this sickly color palette isn't doing the film any favors. We can tell the look they're going for, and it's distinctive and meant to evoke the period, but with the digital photography it just doesn't look right. Hopefully the movie's entertaining enough to forgive that.

Here are the posters:

Here's Emma Stone with Sean Penn menacing in the background. From the ads so far we can't tell if she's his kept woman or a hooker with a heart of gold or just someone in the middle.

And here she is in the background of Ryan Gosling's poster. Do you think he knows she's there? Is she going to say something and cause him to just jump straight up out of surprise? Or is he just playing it cool?

And here's Gosling behind Josh Brolin. These posters ask questions, and those questions are: Do they know there are people just behind them?

Nick Nolte is squinting. That either means things aren't going well for Sean Penn, or Notle left his reading glasses at home.

If these posters were trading cards, this would be the one you'd end up having about seventeen of, and couldn't sell for more than a nickle. The film opens January 11, 2013.