Yesterday we wrote that Gerard Butler had a director for his film 'Afterburn,' and today we hear that Butler's got another project in the wings.  He's now up for 'Manhunt,' which is to be directed by Breck Eisner. Busy Busy Butler.

This comes from Deadline, who notes that the film is about a group of FBI agents who hire a bear hunter to help them catch a survivalist/Unibomber type in the midst of North Carolina. Their summary of the plot also includes the phrase "the hunters become the hunted." This sounds a bit like Walter Hill's excellent 'Southern Comfort' as well, though it - like this - is indebted to 'Deliverance.'

They don't say what role Butler would be up for as he is starring in it, but it's likely he's the bear hunter. Eisner directed 'Sahara' - which was a very costly failure - but redeemed himself with the above average remake of 'The Crazies.' For the longest time Eisner was attached to the remake of 'Escape From New York,' which also had Butler attached for a while. Perhaps the two want to work together - perhaps they long to work together.

The screenplay comes from Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby, who also wrote 'Children of Men.' 'Iron Man' and did some work on 'Cowboys and Aliens.' And it should be noted that Hawk Ostby is one of the coolest names ever.