Explosion-happy director Michael Bay is entering the world of video game adaptations through the Tom Clancy-based 'Ghost Recon,' with hopes of turning the series into a film franchise, as Michael Bay does.

Variety reports that Bay has signed a deal with Warner Bros. to bring the Ghost Recon series of games to the big screen. Bay will develop the project as a producer and will oversee its development through Platinum Dunes production. Though he's also eyeing the director's seat, it'll be his reaction to the script, which Ubisoft hopes to soon hire screenwriters to pen, that'll ultimately be the deciding factor.

The games, based on stories by author Tom Clancy, follow a private group of US military men who act as the President's very own special military team. They use advanced technology to track down their targets and make sure they're never found out and no one ever knows they exist, hence the title Ghost Recon.

According to Ubisoft, Bay is perfect person to tackle this project "because he is a master at action movies." This will be the first time Bay has worked with Warner Bros. and the first time he's tackled a video game adaptation. He's also currently producing the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' live-action/CG hybrid film (directed by Jonathan Liebesman) and he's in production on 'Transformers 4.' With his knack for action and success at turning his films into viable franchises, Bay seems like a good fit for 'Ghost Recon.'

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