Oh, that Ryan Murphy just has his hands dipped into everything, doesn't he?  Now that the 'Glee' and 'American Horror Story' creator has landed himself on Twitter, we've got all kinds of goodies on the upcoming seasons.  Earlier today we saw a first (if cryptic) look at the top-secret second season of 'American Horror Story,' but what's going on with the fourth season of 'Glee?'  What do the latest photos say about how Rachel Berry is faring in New York?

Also from the Twitter account of Ryan Murphy today, we've caught our first look at the fourth season of musical dramedy 'Glee,' particularly our first glimpse of 'Almost Famous' actress Kate Hudson in the role of one of one of Rachel Berry's NYADA instructors.  Also present is Lea Michele as Rachel Berry herself, looking like...well, Rachel Berry.  Suffice to say, it's not as exciting as those 'Arrested Development' set pic tweets we saw yesterday.

Elsewhere, we know that Chord Overstreet has been updated to series regular for the fourth season, joining new series regulars Dean Geyer as a NYADA upperclassmen with eyes for Rachel, and Jacob Artist as Puck's younger brother Jake.

All told, nearly all 15 of ‘Glee’s series regulars from the third season will return in at least some capacity this year as the series moves between Ohio and New York. The series is also negotiating with ‘The Glee Project’ winners Alex Newell and Samuel Larsen to return for the fourth season, while Damian McGinty will not return immediately.

Check out the new picture of Lea Michele and Kate Hudson below in what looks to be the NYADA set, and tell us what you think so far in the comments

Glee Season 4 Set Photo