Sheesh, you'd think with an episode like 'The Break-Up" coming up, the cast of 'Glee' season 4 would have seen their share of hard times early on in the season.  Well, ever one to kick characters when theyre down, Ryan Murphy is stirring up trouble by adding yet another Dalton Academy Warbler villain into the mix, courtesy of Nolan Gerard Funk.  Yes, that's his name.  But, does the latest Warbler leader have good intentions or something more sinister in mind?

'Glee' isn't closing the curtain on the Warblers just yet, even with Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss)'s seeming entrenchment in McKinley High.  Given that next episode "The Break-Up" may see some hard times for Kurt and Blaine atop their states-wide separation, the former Dalton Academy star Warbler could come to realize that he's at McKinley for the wrong reasons.  Conniving opportunity, you say?

Enter Canadian actor-singer Nolan Gerard Funk, playing new Dalton Academy Warbler frontman Hunter, who comes-a-calling to recruit their former star back to the blazer side, says TVLine.  Unlike the smarmy Sebastian (Grant Gustin) however, Hunter isn't looking for anything beyond Blaine's voice.  Hey, whatever happened to Sebastian anyway?

Fortunately, Blaine will have a little time to breathe as Funk won't make his first appearance as Hunter until the season's fourth episode, "Dynamic Duets."

What say you?  Could Blaine end up back with the Warblers, now that Kurt remains entrenched in New York?  Who's next for a bit of 'Glee' heartbreak?