'Glee' season 5 has very much been giving off sunshine and rainbows for its inaugural two episodes of the season, dual-parted Beatles tribute "Love, Love, Love" and "Tina in the Sky with Diamonds," leading us to wonder how promotion will handle the third episode memorial to Cory Monteith after the September 26 premiere. Now, the first synopsis for "The Quarterback" tribute episode has arrived, giving us our first look at how 'Glee' says a very real goodbye.

While we know that 'Glee' likely won't offer any actual explanation for the death of character Finn Hudson within the show, the episode will see a number of past faces returning to mourn the loss of one of McKinley High's favorite sons. Expect plenty of tears as Mr. Schuester encourages the group to sing it out, while the parents sift through Finn's belongings, and one alumni makes a big decision about the future.

From FOX's official synopsis of "The Quarterback":

In the wake of Finn’s sudden death, former members of New Directions return to McKinley to remember their fallen friend. While a stoic Mr. Schue encourages all the gleeks to “memorialize him the way we do everything – by singing about it,” some of the kids find the exercise more cathartic than others. At the Hudson-Hummel home, Kurt, Burt and Carole sort through Finn’s belongings and what begins as a somber occasion blossoms into a poignant and much needed family moment.

Meanwhile, Emma grows concerned when she believes Will is so busy taking care of others that he’s not allowing himself time to grieve; Santana struggles with using her “bitch” mask to hide her fond feelings for Finn, and has a run in with Bree, McKinley’s "New Santana"; and following a heart-to-heart with Coach Beiste, Puck honors Finn’s memory by making a life-changing decision about his future.

In addition to its series regular exits, ‘Glee’ season 5 will feature prior recurring cast members Melissa Benoist (Marley), Jacob Artist (Jake), Becca Tobin (Kitty) and ‘The Glee Project‘ alumni Blake Jenner and Alex Newell ascending to series regular status. ‘American Idol‘ runner-up Adam Lambert will also take a role as Kurt’s new NYC rival, while Demi Lovato will take a major recurring role and ‘Spring Awakening’ star Phoebe Strole guests as a new love interest for Sam.

We'll be keeping an eye on "The Quarterback," but in the meantime check out the latest look at tomorrow's 'Glee' season 5 premiere in the previews below, and tell us what you think in the comments.

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