Over the last few years, we've seen 'Glee' take on a number of various styles and themes, everything form Madonna to the more recent 'Grease,' but superheroes are not something we ever expected to see bounding up and down the halls of McKinley high, let alone bursting into song. Such will be the case with 'Glee's' next effort "Dynamic Duets" (we see what you did there!), so what better way to announce the arrival of the super-Gleeks than with a cinematic superhero trailer?

'The Amazing Spider-Man' managed to make a high school superhero work, but does 'Glee' stand a chance with next Thursday's "Dynamic Duets"? We'll find out as Finn (Cory Monteith) gets all the conflicting members of the 'Glee' club to join forces for superhero-themed numbers, complete with colorful costumes and personas, as they take on the returning Dalton Acadamey Warblers.

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, we've got a first look at "Dynamic Duets" in action with a full-length, widescreen superhero movie preview! It looks...interesting, to say the least.  If you ever wanted to see how 'Glee' might look on the big screen, and not as a 3D concert cash-grab, now's your chance.