If your favorite childhood movies included the original, James Franco-less 'Planet of the Apes,' then you've probably been to at least one drive-in movie theater. You know, an outdoor space to park with your best guy or gal and watch a movie projected onto a giant screen?

In case this is a foreign concept to you, Google's latest doodle is here to give you a little history lesson to honor the anniversary of the very first drive-in.

June 6, 1933 marks that day when Richard Hollingshead Jr. opened the theater -- which he called a "park-in," by the way -- to the public in Camden, NJ. If you can believe it, he charged movie-goers a mere 25 cents per vehicle or per person. But then again, the theater only had a 1928 Kodak projector, and not 3D or IMAX capabilities.

Hollingshead previously experimented with the idea in his driveway, using an assortment of sound and projector utilities. But he wasn't the first one to do so, and similar locations started sprouting across the country soon after his opening. Though, the first people to realize drive-ins were a great spot to make-out in are still unknown.

Check out Google's tribute video to the drive-in below (and click here to find an operating drive-in theater near you!).