Monday night’s ‘Gotham,’ titled 'Arkham,' featured a villain who used some sort of telescope-type object, with a nifty extending blade, to kill people. I like to think his name is Telescope Stab Man. Telescope Stab Man is hilarious for his use of such a convoluted weapon, which, yes, is par for the course when it comes to ‘Gotham’ – a hilarious show that doesn’t realize it’s hilarious.

Anyway, here are the 16 moments during this week’s ‘Gotham’ that made me literally laugh out loud. (And, you can read our formal review of this week's 'Gotham' here.)

- Ben McKenzie’s James Gordon politely telling a visiting Penguin, “I’ll walk you out.”

- The smash cut to Ben McKenzie yelling in his best “mean” voice, “I told you never to come back!”

- The introduction of Telescope Stab Man.

- The fact that the people about to be stabbed don’t just swipe the telescope out of the way and instead just let themselves be stabbed in the face.

- The attendance for a mayoral press conference about an asylum.

- The amount of time James Gordon spends just listening to a little kid talk.

- The Penguin’s success in the service industry.

- James Gordon’s fiancee asking who Oswald Cobblepot is, then Gordon responding, “I can’t begin to answer that,” when he could have easily said, “That was the guy who was in our house earlier.”

- When Penguin was promoted to Restaurant Manager.

- How Telescope Stab Man walks right up to the mayor’s house. Yes, the police had left their post, but it’s just a house on the street and he walks right in.

- When James Gordon threw a couple of sheets of paper at Telescope Stab Man.

- The look of, “Oh, this is better and not nearly as convoluted as my weapon” on Telescope Stab Man’s face when he picks up James Gordon’s dropped gun.

- When Fish makes two women physically fight for a nightclub singer job for no reason.

- The poisoned cannoli!

- Bruce Wayne, in all seriousness saying, “My parents believed the new asylum would bring hope to Gotham." Even for Gotham, what an odd statement.

- Poor James Gordon, once again listening to some little kid talk.

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