Gotham’ continues to be a laugh out loud hilarious show, even though it’s not really designed to be funny. As we’ve said, ‘Gotham’ would be best just to stop pretending that it’s a serious show and just own the fact that it’s almost as campy as its ‘60s era ‘Batman’ counterpart. On this week’s episode of ‘Gotham,’ a villain, played by former ‘Daily Show’ correspondent Dan Bakkedahl, terrorizes Gotham City with balloons. Here are the 17 moments on ‘Gotham’ that made me laugh out loud.

- The Penguin using public transportation.

- Watching a suspected criminal dramatically float off into the air on a weather balloon.

- Donal Logue’s Harvey Bullock stoically announcing, “I’m going to get a Danish, that’s what I deserve.”

- The Penguin trying to pretend he’s a Russian guy named Dmitri.

- When the restaurant manager told Penguin, “You don’t even have the right shoes,” then there’s a sinister musical cue as we pan down to see Penguin’s inadequate shoes.

- Penguin notices another restaurant worker’s shoes, then laughs diabolically. An evil shoe laugh!

- The Balloonman sends a dirty police officer up into the sky. I can’t believe this is real!

- A man on the street telling a Gotham news reporter, “If you’re dirty, the Balloonman is going to get you!”

- A woman then telling that same reporter, “The Balloonman should get my landlord next!”

- Ben McKenzie trying to keep a straight face as he delivers a serious line about two balloons still missing.

- Ben McKenzie yelling, “You admit stealing the balloons?”

- Ben McKenzie yelling, “Who did you sell the balloons to?”

- The moment Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock learn that balloons eventually pop instead of, I guess, floating off into space.

- The Loudest Laugh Award goes to: A body falling from the sky and landing on a woman walking her dog.

- As Jim Gordon tries to save the ascending Balloonman, we clearly see them hovering above buildings. Bullock shoots the balloon and Gordon and the Balloonman safely fall, like, two feet.

- Bruce Wayne watching the news report about the Balloonman because remember him?

- A news reporter asking, “Now that the Balloonman is gone, who will defend the people of Gotham?” Yes, who will ever replace the iconic Balloonman?! Who?!?!

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