Gotham’ is not a good television show. As we discussed last week, it could be a good show, but it needs to embrace the fact that it’s pure camp and stop trying to pretend that it’s a Serious Drama. And, again, it’s been awhile since we’ve had a campy superhero property; it could be fun! (Then again, there technically isn’t a superhero in this show because Bruce Wayne is a little kid. Never mind.) Anyway, for the meantime, ‘Gotham’ does take itself seriously and as long as it does, we will list the “moments that unintentionally made me laugh out loud” in every episode.

Here are the 18 moments that unintentionally made me laugh out loud in the second episode of ‘Gotham,’ "Selina Kyle" (our full review of that episode here).

- When young Bruce Wayne was concentrating so hard while burning his hand over a candle.

- Young Bruce Wayne drawing “disturbing” images that could probably get him a contract at Dark Horse.

- When young Bruce Wayne tells James Gordon that he wasn’t intentionally hurting himself, he was testing himself. What could this test have possibly been?

- The “fair enough” look on Gordon’s face after he’s told about this testing nonsense.

- Every scene between Gordon and his partner, Harvey Bullock, that shows the slightest bit of camaraderie when just last week Bullock threatened to kill Gordon.

- That the line, “Watch the shows, clown,” was spoken and it wasn’t an introduction for The Joker.

- When it’s revealed that Selina Kyle’s nickname is “Cat.”

- Oswald Cobblepot hitchhiking.

- The fact that, in 2014, someone picked up a hitchhiking Oswald Cobblepot.

- Of all of the animals on this planet, the guy in the passenger seat compared Cobblepot to a penguin, which, of all of the animals on this planet, is the one comparison that makes Cobblepot really angry.

- That within ten seconds, Cobblepot went from sincerely happy he’s met new “friends” to stabbing these two people in the neck with a broken bottle.

- The photo of Cobblepot at his mother’s house. (Note: This was possibly meant to be legitimately funny.)

- When one of the homeless kids who escaped the evil outreach program goes dramatically flying through a restaurant window for no reason.

- That the evil outreach program uses a poisoned pin as a weapon and are not particularity fast about using it -- people just seem to stand there waiting to be stabbed by the poison pin.

- To learn later that the members of the evil outreach program had guns all along.

- James Gordon saves all the captured homeless children, but then the very same people immediately capture the children again. The Gotham Police Department is the most inept fictional police department in history.

- When Lili Taylor’s evil outreach program character realizes that the bus full of captured children is one short and never stops to consider that the missing person might be the one person she had an interaction with before the bus left.

- The preview for next week shows a man tied to a balloon, drifting up into the air.

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