Last night’s episode, ‘Spirit of the Goat,’ is, so far, the best episode of ‘Gotham’ this season (read our full review here). And, you know what, ‘Gotham’ has done a pretty good job of developing The Penguin’s story. Having said all of that, last night’s episode featured a hypnotist who tricked people into being a villain called The Goat. ‘Gotham’ is still hilarious and it really should embrace its campy side, because it’s already campy and just doesn’t realize it yet. (OK, Carol Kane realizes it and that’s why Carol Kane is great.)

Here are 15 times (the lowest amount so far this season, but still a good amount) I unintentionally laughed out loud during last night’s ‘Gotham.’

- Harvey Bullock saying "the spirit of The Goat" out loud.

- There's a villain called The Goat!

- The fact that Gotham's "golden rule" is "no heroes." What a terrible rule!

- Edward Nygma wanting everyone to read his riddle. We get it!

- The line, "The Goat always kills the first born."

- Harvey Bullock's speech about a freight train.

- We meet a woman named Kristen Kringle and a big deal is made out of her name. I suspect we just met our Christmas episode villain!

- Biggest laugh of the night: When the local nightly news dramatically announces the "Gotham 7 Goat Watch."

- Young Bruce Wayne stoically staring at the TV and not laughing at "Gotham City Goat Watch"

- Dan Hedaya screaming, "I know we sealed them, jackass!"

- The fact that Edward Nygma is "freaking good with puzzles." We get it!

- Edward Nygma has a coffee mug with a big question mark on it. I swear we get it now!

- The Goat's weapon of choice is just an everyday hammer.

- The Penguin taking a bath.

- The Goat is the result of an evil hypnotist! Of course he is! (This show is wonderful.)

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