Gotham’ is not a very good drama. Though, it has become a very good comedy; the problem is ‘Gotham’ has yet to realize it’s a comedy. Monday night’s episode, ‘Viper,’ featured a poison that made its victims crave milk and cheese. Anyway, here are the 26 (a new record) moments during this week’s ‘Gotham’ that made me literally laugh out loud. (Read our formal review of this week's episode here.)

- The picture of Richard Kind on Bruce Wayne's "who killed my parents" chart board.

- The well-groomed, homeless guitarist.

- The well-groomed, homeless guitarist taking a big sniff of what's obviously poison.

- The now super-powered well-groomed guitarist letting out a dramatic milk burp.

- Harvey Bullock screaming "It's lunch" as crime is taking place.

- The fact Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock seem to get along even though Bullock threatened to kill Gordon in the first episode.

- A long conversation between Gordon, Bullock and the owner of a convenience store about stolen milk.

- That shot of the well-groomed, homeless guitarist running down the street with an ATM on his back.

- That the authorities seem so surprised there's a poison super drug, when just a couple of weeks ago there was a villain named Balloonman.

- The well-groomed guitarist's name is Benny.

- Benny dramatically telling Gordon that he was given the poison by "the man with the mangled ear" (which actually might make a good James Bond villain).

- Benny being crushed by the ATM he just lifted.

- A crazy looking man just handing out poison on the street that everyone seems interested in sniffing.

- We find out that the poison burns bone, which makes people crave milk and cheese.

- Just how quickly the victims go from having super strength to comically dropping dead.

- James Gordon is threatened by a mobster while standing in the precinct.

- The mobster uses the phrase, "nice and quiet like." The two then have a conversation using words and phrases from 1938.

- Penguin is threatened with a lobster claw.

- The line "He may be a biochemist, but philosophy is a passion" was spoken.

- The line "What are you going to do, I'm an old man" was delivered in the best Uncle Leo from 'Seinfeld' impression I've ever witnessed.

- Harvey Bullock and Jim Gordon screaming at the old man's dead body.

- We see the "man with the mangled ear" and he has a full keg of Viper and it has a big Viper decal on the side.

- 'The man with the mangled ear" pops up on the television sets at a charity benefit and explains to everyone that he's going to poison them all with Viper.

- Everyone at the charity event fairly calmly walks out, no one gets poisoned by Viper.

- "The man with the mangled ear" is poisoned by his own Viper; Jim Gordon is saved because he put his arm up to his nose.

- Bruce Wayne sitting with yet another stack of files. Bruce Wayne loves files.

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