Last night FOX debuted their answer to NBC’s yearly live musicals with a version of Grease starring Julianne Hough, Vanessa Hudgens and Carly Rae Jepsen. It was by, most accounts, a pretty rousing success, adding in the live audience that many have complained was missing from the NBC broadcasts. But, there’s a few things you didn’t see, or hear namely, in some of the racier dialogue from the original film. Let’s take a look at what the FOX censors cut out from the obvious to the WTF?

Cut Line: “You are supreme / the chicks’ll cream for greased lightnin’”
Replaced With: “You are supreme / the chicks’ll scream for greased lightnin’”

Cut Line: “You know that I ain’t bragging / she’s a real pussy wagon”
Replaced With: “You know that I ain’t bragging / she’s a real dragon wagon”

Cut Line: “You know that ain’t no shit / we’ll be getting lots of tit”
Replaced With: “You know without a doubt / I’ll be really making out”

Cut Line: “Hey fangul” [“fangul” is Italian slang approximating to “go f–- yourself”]
Replaced With: “Hey, be cool”

Cut Line: “And I will be wearing your lacy lingerie”
Replaced With: “And I will be carrying my wedding bouquet”

In addition to the dialogue, you may have noticed that the version of Grease Live last night featured no cigarettes or smoking. Strangly though, they kept the controversial, date-rapey line, “Did she put up a fight?” Weird that “lacy lingerie” was found inappropriate, but casual implications of date rape were OK. And, what exactly is a “dragon wagon,” anyway?

While some people may think of Grease as a fairly innocuous musical for kids, remember that when Paramount re-released the film in theaters in 2010, it was rated PG-13. Producer Marc Platt said they wanted the show to be “family friendly” with an “appropriate edge” and they certainly seemed to have kept to the former.

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