Well, if FOX is going to have a Batman series without Batman, they'll need another classic superhero to balance everything out. Enter a brand-new shining reboot of 80s cult classic 'The Greatest American Hero,' as brought to life by Hollywood's golden duo of Phil Lord and Chris Miller!

According to Deadline, FOX has given a put pilot commitment to reboot the 1981 Stephen J. Cannell series, with Lord and Miller executive producing the hourlong (yep a full hour!) action comedy with Cannell’s daughter, Tawnia McKiernan, and '22 Jump Street''s Rodney Rothman writing.

For those not familiar with the original two-season William Katt series, ABC's 'The Greatest American Hero' told the tale of inner-city teacher Ralph, as he discovers a superhero suit that bestows upon him superhuman abilities. Misplacing its instructions, Ralph quickly grows to hate wearing the suit, as he learns to wield its powers through trial and error. Ralph is also aided by a government handler with his own agenda, and debates whether he should remain a superhero or merely use the suit for his own good.

Lord and Miller also have on deck Will Forte's 'The Last Man on Earth' for midseason, but what do you think? Does a modern rendition of 'The Greatest American Hero' sound like something that could work in today's superhero landscape? Check out a very familiar-sounding clip from the series below, and give us your thoughts on a reboot in the comments!