The basic existence of a long-rumored new installment in the popcorn classic Gremlins franchise has been confirmed, un-confirmed, re-confirmed, re-unconfirmed, etc. etc. The fate of a possible return to the universe first built by Joe Dante in 1984 still hangs in a realm of uncertainty, but the upshot of the current scarcity of facts has been the freedom to imagine what, after all this time, a new Gremlins could even be. Over the weekend, we reported on a comment from the film’s star Zach Galligan suggesting that the script Seth Graeme-Smith has been hired to write up will follow the Jurassic World model of jumping forward however many decades to a new present. But further remarks from Galligan have given fans some insight into a pretty clever idea for the sequel: giant Gremlins.

In an interview with IGN, Galligan revealed that he had drawn up his own treatment for a third Gremlins picture years ago and teased the interviewer with a few snatches of his planned ideas. His envisioned direction for the unproduced script was, shall we say, bold:

Do you know what a fractal is? A fractal is when you have one thing that’s a piece, and when you put them together it makes an entire piece. So if you had a little baby pyramid and you put other pyramids together you’d make one big pyramid. So the gremlins [would] all mass together and form one huge gremlin. Kind of like a Godzilla-sized one that bursts out of London knocking over Big Ben and stuff like that.

The item from IGN goes on to detail Galligan’s plot arc, wherein a daughter to an all-grown-up Billy sells Gizmo via eBay (timely!) and the critter is shipped to the U.K., where he causes inevitable havoc. The whole “kaiju mega-Gremlin” conceit is a full-stop winner, but Galligan also ran through some of his other ideas for the franchise, such as a love story between Gizmo and a female Gremlin soulmate, or a premise exploring the effects that different liquids would have on the fuzzballs. (When water turns them monstrous, we shudder to think what effects Red Bull might have.) There’s no telling what a Gremlins 3 will entail, but now they’ve got an extremely high bar to clear. Whatever Graeme-Smith comes up with better be more entertaining than the idea of “Gremlins, but gigantic!”, or else he rightfully cedes all of his writing work to Galligan. Such is Hollywood Law.

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