Way back in 2014, Frank Grillo signed on to star in an American remake of the face-melting Indonesian action hit The Raid. The following year, the project attracted Taylor Kitsch, who — along with director Patrick Hughes and Screen Gems — subsequently dropped out, leaving the future of the remake uncertain at best. But today brings good news for fans of Grillo who’ve been hoping to see the career tough guy pummel his way through a high-rise packed with criminals — The Raid is back on, this time with an even better director.

Over on Twitter, XYZ Films shared this short video, in which Grillo and Joe Carnahan are sitting on a couch and discussing how they might approach a remake of The Raid:

At the end of what is a clearly scripted video, they both decide to go ahead and remake one of the most intensely great action films of all time — no small feat, but it’ll be interesting to see what Grillo and Carnahan, who previously worked together on The Grey, do with the concept.

Carnahan’s previous films also include Smokin’ Aces (an underrated action flick), The A-Team, and Narc. He’s also currently working on Bad Boys For Life, the long-awaited sequel starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, which is set to hit theaters in 2018.

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