Yes, action fans, there is some utterly weird news drifting in over the internet. It seems that the American remake of the beloved martial arts extravaganza 'The Raid' may have found its leading man, and that leading man is none other than Tim Riggins. Oh, we mean Taylor Kitsch. Our bad.

To fans of great television, Kitsch will be forever known as Riggins, the troubled football player and town drunk from the beloved 'Friday Night Lights' TV series. To movie fans, he's better remembered as the guy who headlined 'John Carter' and 'Battleship' back-to-back, only for both films to fail so miserably that his future as a cinematic leading man looked dim.

But here we are. According to The Wrap, Kitsch has been offered the part in 'The Raid,' but has yet to officially sign on (apparently due to a salary dispute). We're of two minds about this casting: we like it because Riiiiiiggins! But we don't like it because Kitsch has yet to really prove himself outside of that one great part ... and because he'll be playing the American equivalent of original star Iko Uwais, a skilled martial artist who actually did his own stunts and instantly joined the pantheon of great cinematic badasses in the process.

Sure, camera fakery will allow Kitsch to look like a tough guy on film, but the point of the original 'Raid' was to create the most intense and insane action movie possible. We don't want to pre-judge a movie, but Kitsch's casting paints an immediate picture: something a little blander, watered down and safer.

This casting is far from a sure thing, though. Kitsch may still bow out, especially since he's reportedly in the running for the second season of HBO's 'True Detective,' which sounds like it may be more in line with his specific skills as an onscreen thespian. However, as The Wrap points out, it is entirely possible for him to fit both into his schedule if he's willing.

'The Raid' will be directed by 'Red Hill' and 'The Expendables 3' director Patrick Hughes, and will begin filming in January 2015.

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