As expected, DrinkBox has announced the first bit of downloadable content for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita side-scroller Guacamelee.

Due out on June 4, the DLC was revealed with some new footage courtesy of IGN. Included in the content will be new costumes for both Juan and Tostada, both of which will now be playable with ease on both platforms. After Guacamelee is patched ahead of the add-on's release, players will be able to swap between the two characters at any checkpoint in the game.

The three costumes included will be the Pollo Luchador (health regen with slow stamina regen), Identity Swap (stronger standard attacks with weaker throws), and Skeleton (infinite stamina, but no health pick-ups). All three are bundled for $1.99. Though there is no new mission content, new trophies are being included for completing certain levels in certain outfits.

What do you think of the DLC? Will you be heading back to Guacamelee to give them a go?