You know what the problem with those pesky actors is? They're real people with real problems and sometimes they find themselves pregnant when they're just about to start filming the new 'X-Men' movie. Such is the case with Halle Berry, who revealed that her pregnancy would have little impact on 'X-Men: Days of Future Past.'

Berry discussed her situation (via the BBC) while promoting 'The Call' in Rio de Janeiro, saying that a new baby wasn't going to stop her from reprising her role as the weather controlling mutant Storm:

One thing is for sure, with another baby on the way mama cannot take time off.

Although the bulk of the film will remain unchanged, Berry said that the film would be shot "around the bump" (so no, we will not be seeing a pregnant Storm) and that there will be very few changes to actual script:

Storm probably won't be as badass as she was going to be because we won't be able to do any fighting or flying or things like that. She'll be different than we originally planned her to be but I still think she'll be an integral part of this new X-Men movie.

'X-Men: Days of Future Past' is scheduled for a July 18th, 2014 release date. If Storm does a little less action this time around, you can blame Ms. Berry's surely adorable newborn child.

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