The Wolfpack has a new logo.

Soon, Todd Phillips will be reuniting his team for 'The Hangover 3' - the third (and reportedly final) ‘Hangover’ film. Warner Bros. has established a May 24, 2013 release date for the raunchy comedy, and while details about the story are being kept under wraps, we do know a few crucial details.

First, Mike Epps is coming back into the fold to play Black Doug, his character from the original ‘Hangover.’ Mike Tyson reportedly has yet another part in the series. And they’ll all be joining original Wolfpack members Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and, yes, Ken Jeong. We’re assuming Justin Bartha’s going to be allowed to tag along, though his name’s not on the IMDB page for ‘The Hangover Part III’ at the moment. Unfortunate oversight?

Beyond that, it’s all speculation. Phillips admitted during the publicity tour for ‘Part II’ that he had no interest in recycling the lost-evening concept that fueled the first two manic movies. The writer-director says we know enough about these characters that they can survive being lifted out of that formula, and we whole-heartedly agree. There has been a persistent rumor that the third movie would find Cooper and Helms breaking Galifianakis’ character out of a mental institute, but we’ll see if there’s any truth to that rumor in time.

While we wait, Legendary Entertainment teased a logo for the Wolfpack (and the movie) on its Facebook page. Pretty simple stuff, but it’s enough to get us thinking about the next adventures of these hapless characters. Stay tuned for concrete ‘Hangover’ details in the coming weeks, as filming’s bound to begin soon.