There was a lot to dissect from the Hannibal series finale, and while we covered a lot of it in our full review, there’s still so much that deserves another look. While the future of Hannibal remains cloudy, “The Wrath of the Lamb” carved up the absolute best, most perfect farewell for the series imaginable. Here, we take a closer look at the greatest and craziest moments from the finale.

Stag Style

The taxidermy stag head hanging in Dolarhyde’s home lets us know that Hannibal’s presence is strong.

“Near…far…wherever you are…”

Define “Good”

But it was something.

Oh No You Didn’t

…But we were all thinking it, Bedelia.

The Skeleton Twins

I’m so glad we got to see these two knuckleheads one last time.


Alana Is a Boss

Even the way she walks into a room is powerful.

It’s the Thought That Counts

Coming soon, the Hannibal Collection by Hallmark.

A Wild Hannibal Appears

Should it feel this good to see Hannibal free again?

Relationship Goals

If we do get another season or a film, I hope it’s a buddy road trip comedy.

Alana for President

Margot would make a great First Lady.

An Inconvenient Truth

Why Not


Hannibal just pulled a MacGruber on Francis:

Ding Dong, the Dragon’s Dead

Bedelia: It’s What’s for Dinner

How did she manage to look that stunning and cook her own leg after she cut it off? This may be the biggest unanswered question from the finale.


You were all thinking it, but the restraint in this final sequence is so compelling. It’s better because they didn’t.

The Greatest Love of All