Hannibal’ serves up the main course with its thirteenth and final episode of the season, “Savoureux,” as Will becomes a suspect in the murder of Abigail Hobbs, while the team searches for exonerating evidence and Will realizes that Hannibal may have set him up.

Last week’s ‘Hannibal’ episode “Relevés” saw the death of Georgia Madchen (Ellen Muth) leading Will to realize the truth about the copycat killer, while Jack began to have suspicions and Hannibal made a startling revelation to Abigail Hobbs (Kacey Rohl), so how does the thirteenth and final course of ‘Hannibal’ season 1 taste?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘Hannibal’s first season finale, “Savoureux!”

Will dreams of hunting his elusive stag through the woods before he finally manages to wound the creature and see it has a human face, but then he wakes up. Drenched in sweat, Will fumbles to the kitchen for his medication, before throwing it up and finding a severed human ear in his kitchen sink. Will calls a concerned Hannibal for help, revealing he went to Minnesota with Abigail but lost her after an episode, to which Hannibal advises Will to confess to Jack.

Jack and the agents reluctantly take Will into custody and examine all the evidence, which confirms the ear as Abigail’s, while her blood is found under Will’s fingernails. Alana lashes out at Jack for pushing Will too far, sensing something to be amiss with the situation if Hannibal couldn’t tell Will was going over the edge. Alana next questions Will in an interrogation room, learning that Hannibal had performed neurological clock-drawing tests on Will, which supposedly turned out normal. Alana asks Will to draw her one, seeing the results to be as askew as we’ve seen previously.

Hannibal sheds tears in therapy with Bedelia (Gillian Anderson), apparently despondent over his failure to save both Will and Abigail, the latter for whom he had come to experience paternal feelings. Hannibal refutes Bedelia’s suggestion he has begun to face his own mortality, as Bedelia recommends against taking part in any of Will’s future treatments. Meanwhile at the FBI, the team pulls apart Will’s fishing lures to find that all contain human remains from previous victims of the Copycat Killer.

Jack informs Will he’ll be moved to a medical ward for evaluation, as well as their find of the fishing lures. Will snaps out of his daze, asserting he neither crafted the lures nor had any symptoms of mental illness at the time of the first two murders, but Jack points out that isn’t an exoneration. Will finally realizes someone with knowledge of the cases must be setting him up, before Jack has Will officially arrested.  During the ambulance ride however, Will reenacts Abel Gideon’s escape by breaking his thumb out of the cuffs and incapacitating his guards.

Following news of the escape, Jack, Hannibal and Alana attempt to determine Will’s next move, as Hannibal presents Will’s clock drawing from weeks earlier to be perfectly fine. Alana puts together that Will could have a rare form of encephalitis that causes his mental illness, while Hannibal blames Will for calling to warn Garret Jacob Hobbs of his imminent arrest months earlier.

Hannibal works in his office, before sensing Will’s presence in the library upstairs. Will explains that he had almost been fooled until Jack found evidence of the other victims. Hannibal insists Will could still have committed the more implausible murders, while Will slowly begins to see the various crime scenes all over Hannibal’s office. Finally Will insists they drive to Abigail’s home in Minnesota so he can put together the scene of her death.

While Jack and the others learn of Hannibal’s abduction from Bedelia, Will dreams of himself as Garret Jacob Hobbs with his still-living family. Upon arriving at the abandoned house, Will examines the kitchen to recreate the crime while Hannibal subtly presses Will to cultivate his darker urges. Will puts together that one of the two of them must have killed Abigail, training his gun on Hannibal and admitting he can “see” him now that Abigail must have found out Hannibal's secrets as well. Before Will pulls the trigger, Jack appears on the scene and manages to shoot Will first. Will falls in the same kitchen corner as Garret Jacob Hobbs, and urges Jack to “see,” observing Hannibal as the stag figure before losing consciousness.

Hannibal remains by Will’s bedside, informing Jack he’ll make a full recovery, before meeting Bedelia at her home for dinner. Hannibal serves her veal (hint, hint), as Bedelia worries that Jack and the others have begun to see Hannibal’s pattern of developing relationships with patients prone to violence. Later, Hannibal visits the Baltimore State Hospital, indulging in the ambient opera music before meeting with an incarcerated Will behind cell bars.

And lo, 'Hannibal''s first season comes to an end as beautifully and dynamically crafted as it began. Given the uncertain future beyond the first season mere weeks ago, it's hard to overlook an incredibly breakneck pace that vastly complicates the relationship between Hannibal and Will, and wonder if we'd have come so far so quickly were Bryan Fuller to have known of the renewal earlier.

That being said, the decision to put Will behind bars for Hannibal's crimes adds an incredible wrinkle to the series dynamic, one we're as excited as we are apprehensive to see explored next year . After all, if Bryan Fuller's seven-season series plan is to be believed, it feels a bit early to have Will so firmly turned around on the budding friendship we've seen develop all season.

It's an ambitious ending to the season, one which expertly pays off the dark and ominous machinations we've seen brewing all year, but one which digs a significant hole to crawl out of next season. It's a testament to Fuller's clear and consistent vision for 'Hannibal' that we have so little to dissect from such an expertly-crafted episode and season at large.

That said, the complexity of Hannibal's character and Mads Mikkelsen's portrayal of the famed killer is often hard to get a read on. Hannibal would understandably prove a master actor and manipulator in his conversations with Jack, Will and Alana, but the unclear nature of his relationship with Dr. Bedelia du Maurier somewhat diminishes the effect of their scenes together. Gillian Anderson will also have her own regular role on NBC's upcoming drama 'Crisis,' posing additional questions of availability and exploration of the character next season.

A fine finale to be certain for a season of courses each more delectable than the last, albeit one that comes with a rather steep cost that raises more questions than answers over our next meal.

What say you?  Did you feel that ‘Hannibal’ hit the spot with its thirteenth episode? What did you like about season finale event “Savoureux?” Stay tuned for our ongoing coverage of season 2 and beyond, and join us next year for all-new episode recaps of 'Hannibal' on NBC!

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