There's a terrific hook at the center of the upcoming horror flick 'Haunter.' What would a ghost story look like if you told everything from the point of view of the ghost? Director Vincenzo Natali (of 'Cube' and 'Splice' fame) attempts to answer that query with his latest film, which sees Abigail Breslin attempting to solve the mystery of exactly what happened to her and her family, whose lives seem to be stuck in a constant loop.

We saw the film at this year's SXSW Film Festival and it's a good time; a spooky slice of 'Twilight Zone' fluff that'll entertain non-cynical horror fans and captivate younger horror buffs. The trailer does a poor job of selling what the film is actually about and why the concept of the film is so cool, but it does a better job of selling the film's mood and tone. 'Haunter' is rarely a scary film, but it feels like the kind of story you would have shared around a campfire when you were twelve and on an outing with your friends. Don't judge too harshly based on this trailer.

The trailer doesn't specify a release date, but since this is an IFC Films release, it'll probably be available on VOD soon enough (and in a handful of theaters, of course).

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