Look at that headline. We know it sounds like a joke from The Onion, but we promise every word is true. 'Maggie' - starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and now Abigail Breslin - is a real movie that people are actually making. With money and such.

The news of Abigail Breslin's casting in 'Maggie' comes via The Hollywood Reporter, who report that the Oscar-nominated star of 'Little Miss Sunshine' and 'Zombieland' has officially signed on the dotted line now that Chloe Moretz has fled the project. Breslin will play the title character, a young girl who finds herself infected with a zombie plague that's sweeping the world, putting her inexplicably Austrian father (Arnold Schwarzenegger) in a predicament. If this movie was made twenty years ago, Arnie would march into the zombie-infested streets with a machine gun and win back the world, but the older edition of the former California governor will instead deal with a personal crisis brought on by the undead. We guess he'll let the young'uns like Brad PItt actually go out and save the planet.

Think on this: Breslin actually has more cinematic zombie killing experience than Schwarzenegger. Yikes.

We like Schwarzenegger. We like Breslin. We like zombie movies. But all three together? Uh...we actually don't know what we think. 'Maggie' sounds more like a joke movie you'd see in a comedy about Hollywood than an actual movie. Still, it is getting made and John Scott III's script was featured on the Black List of the best unproduced screenplays. This could be something special, but we'll wait to see a trailer before we believe it.

'Maggie' is being directed by commercial director Henry Hobson and will begin filming in a few months.

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