Oh, CBS.  You couldn't just leave well-enough alone by re-booting 'Hawaii Five-0' into a successful late night drama, now you're going to start pilfering its old characters with the same actors?  Love Ed Asner as we do, this move is a little more '2 Broke Girls' than 'The Good Wife.'

TVLine reports that Asner will return to the Hawaii-based TV series for its March 19 episode "Kalele," but with a little bit of a Hawaiian twist; Asner will be playing smuggler 'August March', the same character he played in 1975 'Hawaii Five-0' episode "Wooden Model of a Rat!"  According to the news, Asner's March will predictably be some 30 years older, having recently been released from a prison stretch for his crimes.  The modern Five-0 team enlists March's advice on a case involving smuggled gems after his prison time.

No word on whether or not Asner's August March will question his senility at aiding a team comprised of the same characters, who seem not to have aged very much over the intervening years.

Additionally, the March 19 episode will even make use of some of the original footage from Asner's 1975 appearance within the storyline.  Said Asner of reprising his character some 30-odd years later, "It was a delight that I was alive to inspire the idea, firstly. And secondly, I was glad to have the opportunity to work on a top show like Hawaii Five-0 with [executive producer] Peter Lenkov, who I admire enormously.”

So tell me, 'Hawaii Five-0' fans, does a little bit of nostalgia for the original series get you excited to tune into the latest adventures, or would you rather more 'LOST' guest stars?  Maybe next CBS can dig up classic hits like 'Dallas,' and...oh wait, they're already doing that?  On TNT?  You win this round, CBS!  But I'll be back, and your precious Nielsen boxes won't protect you forever!  Ha ha ha ha!

Wait, what was I talking about?