Robert De Niro has occasionally dipped his toe in the serene waters of “out of professional f—s to give,” but with the trailer for his latest film it would appear that he’s fully submerged himself for this one. Heist looks like a bland ripoff of Casino and Ocean’s 11, with De Niro once again playing a gangster who runs a casino, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Dave Bautista playing the guys who attempt to rob him.

Heist…doesn’t look great, but De Niro isn’t the first veteran actor to star in something that seems more than ready to skip theaters and head straight to VOD. Bruce Willis, Al Pacino, John Travolta and more of De Niro’s fellow actors have all been guilty of starring in forgettable movies with forgettable titles like Heist, but at least this one is getting a (limited) theatrical release the same day it hits VOD. So that’s something.

And you can hardly blame guys like Bautista and Morgan for wanting to star in a film with De Niro, even if it’s probably just so-so. It’s still Robert De Niro. Here’s the official plot synopsis:

When their attempt to rob a casino owned by the feared gangster Pope (Robert De Niro) goes awry and a shootout ensues, Vaughn (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Cox (Dave Bautista) are forced to flee on foot and hijack city Bus 657 and take the passengers hostage. Now, in a high speed chase, Vaughn will not only have to outwit the police, led by Officer Bajos (Gina Carano) who are in hot pursuit, but he will have to contend with Pope’s maniacal right hand man, Dog (Morris Chestnut), in order to make it through the day alive. But we quickly learn that things are not what they seem, and Vaughn has more than one card up his sleeve.

Heist also stars Gina Carano, Kate Bosworth, Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Morris Chestnut, and will open in select theaters and VOD on November 13.