With Robyn over in the blue kitchen, can she turn things around and prove herself worthy of running Chef Gordon Ramsay's new restaurant in Las Vegas? Can Tiffany be convinced to care about the competition again? Welcome back to 'Hell's Kitchen.'

Robyn wastes no time talking smack about her former teammates, blaming their menstrual cycles for their catty behavior. Yo, Robyn? Your sexist comments aren't going unnoticed.

This week's challenge involves a craps table, where the chefs will roll a lettered die and name an ingredient to correspond with the letter that they'll then have to use to create a perfect dish.

The blue kitchen picks up heirloom tomato, daikon, dragonfruit (wow, Robyn), edamame and chicken. The ladies in the red kitchen snag a near-perfect line-up of chicory, lamb, turnips, brussel sprouts and truffles.

Even though the red kitchen has a great list of ingredients, Barbie is throwing a wrench in their plans by not searing the lamb right away, which Dana maintains will take the entire time they've been allotted to cook. But Barbie knows what she's doing and her lamb turns out perfectly -- Dana's brussel sprouts? Not so much.

Bryan got super creative in the blue kitchen by making a daikon and dragonfruit "sushi" roll to accompany a pureed edamame, both of which earn the approval of Ramsay, but their chicken is underwhelming. The blue team takes the win and a trip to Vegas to visit Gordon Ramsay's Steak restaurant -- the restaurant one of them might be running very soon. The red team will be stuck at the dorms, slow cooking pork, which will take 12-15 hours, plenty of time for the ladies to mutiny against Dana for undercooking her brussel sprouts.

While the men (and Robyn) have a fabulous time in a suite at the Paris hotel, fully equipped with fresh seafood, sushi, champagne and half-naked women (and oh, the lechery), the red team is stuck back in their dorm, cooking a giant slab of pork with the aid of an obnoxious hourly alarm. Don't worry, ladies, the men are stuck witch Carrot Top. Of course, Robyn thinks she's living the life right now, but she must have stopped paying attention to the world after 1994.

Already the blue kitchen should be worried as Robyn stands around, confused by the way they prep for service. Even more worrisome: each team will have special guests at the chef''s tables -- the blue kitchen gets season 9 'American Idol' winner Lee Dwyze and season 10 finalist Haley Reinhart, while the red kitchen gets David Beckham and son Brooklyn. As in, Bend it Like. The red kitchen obviously has the  better guest.

Clemenza gets the blue team off to a bad start with his undercooked scallops, but quickly course corrects. The women are having trouble working with their wood-burning oven to cook flatbread pizza, but after three tries they work it out. The problems carry over to the blue kitchen where the men seem incapable of using their wood-burning oven, and Robyn seems to think that since she took a pizza out of the oven, she's a genius.

The red kitchen finishes their appetizers quickly and without issue, and Robyn's clear communication helps the blue team follow close behind. Unfortunately, when they move to entrees, Royce fumbles with the beef station, sending up undercooked beef wellington. Ramsay takes the entire blue team into the back room, save for Robyn, for a good scolding and re-organizing.

Tiffany is falling apart on the fish station, misunderstanding the orders for cod and sea bass, though her second attempt is great. The blue kitchen still hasn't quite recovered after their pep talk, with Royce delivering insanely dry pork and Clemenza overcooking his dish -- the latter of which earns the infamous "donkey" shaming from Ramsay.

Barbie is on fire in the red kitchen, perfectly cooking wellington and pork, and keeping the momentum rolling smoothly. The blue team, meanwhile, still hasn't served their first entrees of the evening two hours into dinner service. Imagine going to a restaurant where the only thing you've been served in two hours is an appetizer? The women are finished with their entire dinner service, so Ramsay orders them over to help the blue kitchen finish up, but that seems to be causing more problems than it's solving.

The red team excels without Robyn and takes the win, while the blue team is tasked with serving up two team members for elimination. Strangely, Robyn does really well on the blue team, is singled out by Chef Ramsay for her performance, and is declared safe.

The blue team puts up Royce for his incompetence in cooking meat, and Clemenza for his poor performance on the seafood station. Ramsay asks for both of their jackets, tosses Royce out, and gives Clemenza a clean chef's jacket -- safe for another night!

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