When last we left the chefs of 'Hell's Kitchen,' country girl Kimmie burned her hands with hot grease in the midst of a dramatic breakdown in the red kitchen just before dinner service. Will Kimmie continue on? Can the red team pull it together?

Kimmie vows to go on even though the medic suggests she shouldn't, and everyone on her team is impressed with her perseverance -- everyone except Robyn, still sore from the previous challenge where her dish was overcooked and Chef Ramsay preferred Kimmie's dish.

The evening's menu includes some delicious steak options, and since it's Family Night, there are burgers and ravioli for the children. Ramsay also gives each child a mini pizza appetizer. I don't think Ramsay has the health of these children in mind.

Barbie and Tiffany's quarrel continues as Tiffany has trouble putting out pizzas and Barbie offers to help, much to Tiffany's chagrin. The problem in the blue kitchen seems to be a result of Bryan's goofy attitude and bizarre desire to speak in Spanish all night. He seems to have a positive attitude, but it's driving his more serious-minded teammates up the wall. Ramsay catches on and suggests he get his crap together or else he'll be booted. Side note: Ramsay doesn't seem to be curtailing his profanity with all the kids in the dining room.

It's a bit of a bumpy start, but blue kitchen moves into entrees. With this season's prize being the job of head chef at Gordon Ramsay's Steak restaurant in the Paris casino in Las Vegas, it's imperative that the chefs nail this dinner service and prove they can cook some legit steaks. The blue team isn't doing so well, but the red kitchen might be worse with Kimmie and Robyn's feud primed to explode. Both of them send up steak and Chef Ramsay brings everything to a halt -- Kimmie's filet is perfectly cooked and sliced, but Robyn's steak is horrifically mangled and cooked wrong. On their second try both pieces of meat are delivered beautifully.

Patrick is struggling to call out orders in the blue kitchen and looks like he might be on the verge of a panic attack, so Ramsay sends him to get some air and compose himself. It almost works -- his attitude is better, but he's still fumbling and sending out raw filet, which results in Ramsay asking him to leave dinner service.

Still, nothing is as compelling as Robyn's insane drama in the red kitchen. She's blaming Kimmie for everything, suggesting that Kimmie might be actively sabotaging her, and when Ramsay calls everything to a stop, Robyn delights in the possibility that Kimmie may have screwed up -- but as we saw with their mismatched steak offerings earlier, it's Robyn who's dropping the ball big time tonight. Unable to communicate properly and cooking her food poorly, Robyn is desperate to escape responsibility, or maybe she's just delusional.

Ramsay finally pulls the two of them aside to try and sort out the problem, which Robyn claims is Kimmie's inability to coordinate with Robyn's fish station, but Kimmie thinks it's just Robyn's ineptitude. I'm inclined to side with Kimmie.

Over in the blue kitchen Royce isn't doing much better than Patrick, continuing the raw filet tradition and, like Patrick, Royce finds himself banished from the kitchen. The rest of the blue team is doing rather well -- so well, in fact, that they're sent over to the red kitchen to save the women from the drama that's keeping them from being productive. It doesn't help, though, because it throws Kimmie off and she sends up poorly cooked filet for the first time in the evening.

Back in the apartment, Kimmie and Robyn's fighting comes to a head with the two of them screaming and name-calling, and eventually Christina -- who is typically more level-headed and avoids petty drama -- chimes in to defend Kimmie. As Kimmie points out, Robyn consistently put out poor quality food all night, and regardless of what Robyn perceives is the issue or who she thinks is to blame -- the bottom line is that her food was bad, and Kimmie didn't mess up at all until the blue team came in.

The men successfully finish dinner service with just three chefs in the kitchen, but Ramsay declares both teams losers and both must choose two nominees each for elimination. The men peaceably choose Patrick and Royce, but Robyn and Kimmie are still fighting -- Robyn swears that she admits to her faults, but the "fault" she admits is that Kimmie did her wrong. The pair almost get into a physical altercation, and at this point I'm ready to punch Robyn.

In the end, Robyn and Tiffany are chosen for elimination, but Barbie wants to get in a final word on Tiffany, claiming she has no real service standards, but Tiffany thinks Barbie is the weakest link on the team because she can't run a station on her own. Tiffany mostly seems exhausted from all the cattiness, which would be more understandable if she weren't a part of the problem.

Ramsay chooses to send Patrick home, which is a good news/bad news situation for the men as they rid themselves of dead weight, but they're saddled with Robyn when Ramsay decides to switch her over to the blue kitchen.

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