In both the blue and red kitchens resentments are building and alliances are forming, but nothing quite as two-faced as the way Patrick tells Clemenza he's on his side, then admits in the one-on-one interviews that he's gunning to get him eliminated. Welcome back to 'Hell's Kitchen'!

For this week's challenge the contestants must pick one of six proteins from under a dome. Every few minutes a new dome will be lifted and new ingredients must be selected. As usual, whichever team produces the best dishes will win a special prize (and the losing team will probably have to eat something gross).

The women are working at odds, fighting over ingredients and shoving each other out of the way, while the blue team is working together to make sure everyone gets ingredients that they want or can use. It's a smart move, and it seems like the blue team might actually end up with better dishes thanks to their teamwork. The women just can't get it in their head that working together will result in better food -- the goal isn't for one person to win, it's for the whole team to win.

The guest judges for this challenge are Anita Lo ('Top Chef,' what up),  Douglas Keane, and Michael Cimarusti. Where the fashion challenge had unrecognizable names from the "industry" on board to judge, this challenge digs up some legit chef talent.

First up: Tiffany's couscous goes up against Justin's Monkfish ravioli. This time around the chefs are granted stars from each judge; Tiffany and Justin both walk away with six stars each. Barbie brings up her pan-roasted hen with a shrimp hash against Clemenza's over-seasoned hen dish, earning them both five stars. Roshni's dry turkey goes up against Kimmie's turkey pasta, and again, both teams tie with three points each. Dana brings a lemon-herb veal to battle Bryan's veal chop, and both earn six stars. With both teams at 20 points each, Robyn steps up and puts her foot in her mouth by saying she had to cook with beets even though she hates them -- she gets three points total, and deservedly so. Patrick's dish is received much better, gaining six points and giving the men (and Roshni) a three point lead.

It doesn't last for long though as the judges find hair in Royce's lobster dish and point out that he didn't remove the lobster's fecal sac before serving it, but he still receives three stars. Christina presents her steamed lobster tail with beurre blanc, and it's good enough to put the women one point ahead of the men -- red team wins, and Christina's lobster dish is added to the menu for the next dinner service.

The red team earns a spa day, while the men are forced to stay back, clean the dorms, and prep both kitchens.

Chef Ramsay has a special announcement to keep everyone on their toes before dinner service: the blue team will have UFC fighter Tito Ortiz dining at their chef's table, while the red team will have boxing champ Sugar Ray Leonard.

Clemenza is having a rough night again, as he fails to properly cook his pasta and puts the men behind on appetizers, while Christina is putting out perfect risotto and setting a solid pace for the red kitchen.

This doesn't last for long when the VIP guests show up and fluster everyone in both kitchens. Everyone is so concerned with looking the part that they aren't giving enough attention to the actual food they're cooking. Christina and Justin both send up undercooked risotto, but quickly recover.

The red kitchen moves on to entrees, but Tiffany sets them back a bit when she puts the knife from her mouth into the beef wellingtons and they have to be thrown out. Roshni holds her kitchen back with raw wellington, causing Chef Ramsay to lose his temper.

Robyn proves to be quite the little blabbermouth, unable to keep her mouth shut with Sugar Ray Leonard and his wife. She's convinced they're having a conversation and the pair enjoy talking to her, but according to the editing of this scene, it looks like she's doing all the talking and driving them nuts.

Wellington continues to give Tiffany some grief, resulting in raw entrees and Tiffany blaming Barbie for not communicating properly. But the women aren't the only ones putting out raw food, as Patrick serves up some stone-cold lobster. Back in the red kitchen, Tiffany redeems herself with perfect entrees and the kitchen starts pushing out a steady stream of dishes.

The blue kitchen is stuck in a rut, continuously sending out cold and undercooked dishes, proving too much for Chef Ramsay to bear in front of his VIP guests, so he kicks the entire blue team out of their kitchen and has the women take over both sides. It's pretty clear the blue team will be the losing team tonight.

The blue team nominates Bryan and Clemenza, both much to the surprise of Chef Ramsay, who points out that the appetizers weren't the real problem of the evening, since not a single entree left the kitchen. He dismisses their nominees and calls up Roshni and Patrick instead -- in a twist, when asked who should go home, Clemenza chooses Roshni over Patrick, proving the the big guy doesn't let personal grudges get in the way of professionalism.

Ramsay agrees, and Roshni heads home.

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