Drama is at a boiling point for 'Hell's Kitchen''s first ever fashion night -- a night where the cooks will serve fancy foods for models and fashion industry folks during a fashion show. But Clemenza is off to a bad start as he begins cooking scallops before the doors even open.

Royce and Kimmie have been selected to help expedite plates to ensure the quickest service possible because for some reason we've been all led to believe that these fashion designers are a big deal (as someone who watches 'Project Runway,' I assure you, they are not).

Tiffany and Barbie have some trouble with the scallops because one of their pans isn't hot enough, though perhaps Tiffany should have tried cooking them on her sunburned forehead 'cause that thing looks fried. And even though it looks like Christina and Dana are frantic and taking on too much, they both remain consistent in putting out dishes.

Scallopgate 2012 continues on the men's team as Clemenza and Guy try to cook over a dozen orders of scallops at once, resulting in a steady stream of inconsistent orders -- undercooked and overcooked. At least all the men are consistent in their lecherous ogling of the models (and the ladies equally as consistent in their critique of the models' slender bodies).

The blue team finally gets it together and gets all their scallop appetizers out, but now the timing is thrown off. They need to get all the entrees out by the end of the second catwalk, but it already looks like the women are going to have some problems, as Robyn starts throwing around "b----" in reference to Barbie in the one-on-one interview. These ladies are too fond of calling each other names.

Both teams are under a ton of pressure to complete all their orders in the last three minutes of the second catwalk, but Robyn has a ton of filets to grill and serve -- somehow she pulls it out at the last second and serves up perfectly cooked filets for her guests. This seems like the result of good luck rather than excellent cooking skills, something proved a few moments later when Robyn starts overcooking her beef. The ladies run low on beef, inspiring them to try and sneak over to the blue kitchen for extra portions without Chef Ramsay seeing them, which is just dumb as hell because cameras.

The men and women both hit a wall when they start sending up cold entrees -- on the men's side it's due to Guy's lack of attentiveness, while on the women's side it's thanks to Christina letting Tiffany help her with the swordfish. A pattern begins to emerge with Tiffany -- it's becoming apparent that she has a hard time accepting responsibility for her own screw-ups.

As for plating, Kimmie does a superb job on the expediting station throughout the entire service, but Royce proves awkward and incompetent with even the most basic tasks.

Dinner service ends, but the drama continues when Chef Ramsay discovers an entire tray of cooked swordfish during clean-up. It appears to be the result of a miscommunication between Royce and Clemenza because Royce doesn't know how to say "seventeen"?

The ladies take the win for the evening thanks to finishing up their appetizer service 10 minutes before the men, so the blue team is asked to come up with two nominees  for elimination. During the debate Patrick nominates Clemenza -- and the rest of the team follows -- which inspires some hilarious head wobbling from ol' Clemmy. They have a more difficult time coming up with a second nominee, and when Bryan feels that he's been unfairly suggested, he loses his temper. Guy and Royce are other reasonable possibilities -- Guy for his equally atrocious performance alongside Clemenza, and Royce for his horrible expediting skills. It doesn't look like the men can reach a consensus, but at elimination they put up Guy and Clemenza. When Ramsay asks each of the team members who they think should go home that night, they all say Clemenza.

In a twist, Ramsay sends Guy home, which is ridiculous since both he and Clemenza had the same problems throughout the service. It almost seems like allowing Clemenza to stay is just a push for more drama, since Clemenza must now return to a team filled with people who want him gone.

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