Filmmaker Lance Bangs teamed up with The Creators Project over on Vice to debut this exclusive and beautiful short film, in which Bangs interviews a wealth of talented artists inspired by Spike Jonze's film 'Her.' Actresses like Charlyne Yi and Olivia Wilde are featured, as well as musician James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem and comedian Marc Maron of the WTF Podcast and 'Maron' on IFC -- all of them offering incredibly personal reactions to the film and perspectives on relationships and technology in the short, titled "Love in the Modern Age." 

Jonze's 'Her' perfectly examines the intersection between relationships and technology, how we evolve, and what that evolution means in the context of relationships. In Bangs' short "Love in the Modern Age," he interviews artists, authors (Bret Easton Ellis), comedians, actors, filmmakers, musicians, and even psychologists to get their input on relationships and technology, and how the two overlap and coexist in the modern world.

Those interviewed also speak intimately about their own experiences with relationships and their very personal perspectives on how relationships function and often fall apart. Bangs uses footage from 'Her' to punctuate the conversations, highlighting just how relevant and poignant a film Jonze has truly made.

"Love in the Modern Age," while brief, is almost as emotional as 'Her' itself, with these artists opening up in very honest and genuine ways about their experiences and what relationships mean and have meant to them -- there are many different voices and points of view, and yet Jonze was able to distill so much humanity into one film, finding those tiny shades where we all overlap to create something incredibly relatable that resonates with so many people. And you can see the evidence here in these interviews, as these artists were all clearly touched by 'Her.'