Whereas the rumors of NBC reviving 'Friends' proved to be nothing more than hearsay and a hoax, the latest possible revival is all-too-real. Sources say that the oft-debated superpowers drama 'Heroes' may receive an unexpected revival as MSN pushes toward original content through its XBox gaming system, but would the reunion manage to return the all-star cast? Get the details on a shocking 'Heroes' revival inside!

NBC's 'Heroes' might have spiraled out of control in its later seasons, squandering its initial ratings and critical success, but the latest news could prove the most shocking of all. TVLine reports that MSN has reportedly entered talks to revive the super-powered franchise following its 2010 cancellation, positioning a revival series as original content for distribution via Xbox.

It remains unclear if any of the original franchise players would return for the reunion (particularly given breakout star and current 'Star Trek' lead Zachary Quinto's demanding schedule), but the most likely avenue would see 'Heroes' reemerge with new characters and stories, and occasional cameos from past stars.

For those who have taken one-too-many Haitian pills, 'Heroes' arrived on the scene in 2006 under current 'Touch' head Tim Kring, achieving breakout success in its first season that steadily dwindled under three increasingly convoluted cycles, before coming to a merciful end in 2010.

What say you? Are you shocked that 'Heroes' could get the revival treatment? What would you like to see from a reunion season if MSN goes through with negotiations?