Get ready, folks, because there's another trip to a remote cabin in the woods that'll eventually go horribly wrong. As per the 'Honeymoon' trailer, 'Game of Thrones' star Rose Leslie is a victim of circumstance as she attempts to enjoy her honeymoon with her on-screen hubby Harry Treadaway (from 'Penny Dreadful'). Don't people know by now to stay away from these creepy cabins?

So, what goes wrong, exactly? Well, that much is unclear by the looks of the 'Honeymoon' trailer. (We know, but we're not telling!) All that's clear is Leslie's Bea becomes seemingly possessed by some entity, with one of the early warning signs being her sleepwalking into the woods late at night (aka red flag #1). From there, her habits become more crazy and erratic -- thinking hot water is the same as coffee (red flag #2), staring creepily at frogs (red flag #3) and preventing her husband from leaving the cabin (major red flag #4).

The truth is, though, the big twist is well worth the wait. 'Honeymoon' already screened at the Tribeca Film Festival and SXSW, and critics are already calling it a chilling experience to behold. The film will hit theaters and iTunes/On Demand on September 12.

Honeymoon Poster
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