All week long Game of Thrones has been teasing its musical extravaganza with Coldplay for Red Nose Day, first with Westeros’ main man Tyrion, then older brother Jaime. Now, the whole Game of Thrones crew has assembled for a full-length musical sketch, and in no uncertain terms … Rastafarian Targaryens are coming.

Shot with Chris Martin spearheading the project (and Liam Neeson narrating, but more on that later), the six-minute sketch sees Martin desperately trying to assemble the cast of HBO’s fantasy drama to develop a musical. It’s slow-going at first, between the dastardly Iwan Rheon, Mark Addy, and an incredulous Diana Rigg, but it turns out Kit Harington is much better suited for rallying friends than his Night’s Watch counterpart.

We won’t spoil everything, but suffice to say: “You know nothing, Chris Martin.” Plus, borderline offensive reggae Daenerys! A Red Wedding showstopper! Liam Neeson on ice! Actually, you may need to watch to appreciate that last one.

You  can watch the full Game of Thrones musical for Red Nose Day above, and find out more about the charity event here.

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