"When they looked at me they saw a devil, and now I had to look the part."

The latest 'Horns' trailer, cut for international audiences, reveals all-new footage of Daniel Radcliffe's monstrous turn, that of a man who sprouts demonic horns after he's accused of brutally murdering his girlfriend.

We've been keeping an eye on 'Horns' for some time. The film even came out to San Diego Comic-Con this year, but for the longest time it only had an international release set for October 29, as referenced by the international poster below. However, it was recently announced for a Halloween premiere in the US, and audiences will get to see for themselves how Radcliffe can unleash the devil within.

Radcliffe's Ig Perrish tragically loses his girlfriend (Juno Temple) after she is killed by an unknown assailant, though the whole town is pointing fingers at him. Soon after, he awakens one morning to find devilish horns protruding from his head, giving him the ability to force those around him to speak the truth. Hopefully he can find his girlfriend's killer and get him or her to confess before he is entirely engulfed in flames (see that last image of the 'Horns' trailer).

Horns Poster

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