We're not sure if the 2010 comedy 'Hot Tub Time Machine' has too many devoted fans, but we do know that it made a small profit at the box office before becoming a solid hit on DVD. And that's apparently enough to get a sequel off the ground! We had heard previous rumblings of a sequel, but the the latest update has come out of WonderCon, straight from star Craig Robinson's own mouth.

Speaking with Coming Soon while promoting the upcoming apocalyptic comedy 'This is the End,' Robinson said that they will begin filming the sequel in June. But that's it, really.

You may remember that the first 'Hot Tub Time Machine' followed four friends (played by Robinson, John Cusack, Rob Corddry and Clark Duke) who have a little too much to drink at a ski resort and through the power of a magic, time traveling hot tub, find themselves transported back to 1986, where all kinds of wacky sex comedy shenanigans ensue. Outside of the whole time travel conceit, it was a pretty standard (but somewhat amusing) little movie.

Although Robinson, Corddry and Duke are all apparently back for round two, Cusack remains a holdout, although it's entirely possible to imagine them writing his character out of the script without too much trouble.

So, what do you think they should do for a sequel? Will this crew once again find themselves traveling through time with a hot tub or should they put these characters in a completely new but comparably bizarre situation?

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