Just as last week's 'How I Met Your Mother' episode "The Ashtray" brought back Kyle MacLachlan's "The Captain," and yesterday we learned that season 1 guest star Jayma Mays would return in a somewhat confusing capacity during what was originally conceived as the long-running CBS comedy's victory lap, another major 'HIMYM' player has booked a return. After being dispatched early on this season, Becki Newton's Quinn will return to rattle Barney's cage, but what will the character want this time around?

Given the actress' role in 'The Goodwin Games,' 'How I Met Your Mother' creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas' now-unaired FOX series, Barney's fiancee and Lusty Leopard stripper Quinn didn't have the most graceful of exits from the series. Now, it seems the character will return to correct that, as Entertainment Weekly reveals Becki Newton has booked a return for the April 15 episode.

It isn't known what would bring Quinn back into the fold, but presumably April 15 would represent a significant milestone on the way to Barney and Robin's wedding day, or at the very least a good day to have your taxes in order. Following Jayma Mays' reveal, Newton joins a list of returning 'How I Met Your Mother' players that so far this season has included Joe Manganiello, Rachel Bilson and Kyle MacLachlan.

Well, what say you? Are you excited another 'How I Met Your Mother' player is returning, even with a ninth season to follow? How would you like to see Quinn pop up this time?