For as many answers as 'How I Met Your Mother' creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas deliver of the upcoming ninth and final season, it seems only more questions arise. We've met the mother, but how much will we actually see between she and Ted? When will we learn her actual name? And who else's mother might we meet, played by Annette Benning? The 'How I Met Your Mother' execs step up to the plate!

For one, the idea of spending an entire season on Barney and Robin's wedding weekend shouldn't scare anyone off, as Bays assured TVGuide that time-turning would be very much still in play. Expect possible variations to include seeing past events from the mother's perspective, or even flashing back and forward to see things from the perspective of Ted's kids!

It was a great way to kick off the season [with Lyndsy Fonseca and David Henrie's scathing Comic-Con teaser] because one of the themes of this season is kind of the family reunion. [We're] bringing back the people we've met over the years, that we've loved working with and giving them the series wrap they deserve.

The same goes for Ted and the as-yet-unnamed mother herself, of whom Bay promises "we're going to see much more to them than just their meeting." Hers won't be the only new face to adjust to either, as casting has begun on Robin's mother and stepmother, the latter of whom will want to perform with Robin at the wedding, and whom Cobie Smulders has suggested Annette Benning to be a candidate for.

So far, the final season of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ has recruited such guest stars as ‘Revenge‘ star Roger Bart, ‘The Office‘ star Ellie Kemper, Sherri Shepherd, Wayne Brady and John Lithgow reprising their roles as Barney’s half-brother James and biological father Jerry. In addition to other recent clarifications on the final season’s wedding weekend format, CBS also revealed that all four regulars would meet the mother (Cristin Milioti, herself a newly minted regular) prior to Ted.

Well, what say you? Are you excited to kick off 'How I Met Your Mother''s final season with an hour-long installment on September 23?

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